Todd Brinkman grew up in the Twin Cities and eventually ended up in Central Minnesota after finishing his graduate degree. His degrees include bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mass communications from Saint Cloud State University (Saint Cloud, MN).

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Upon starting college, Todd became an infantry field medic in the Minnesota Army National Guard with the goal of one day being a doctor. After a few months of school, he quickly changed his mind and fell in love with sales, advertising, and public relations. After college, Todd pursued a successful career in traditional and digital marketing.

In 2016, Todd made the jump to move to North County San Diego to reboot his life (and to move to warmer weather). In this move, he was fortunate to start a position with a company that offered him the opportunity to work with the biggest companies in the Western United States. This position put him in the room with the most talented digital marketers on the planet. In these meetings, he was able to gain an understanding of the future of our new era of virtual reality. Out of those meetings, Todd found his calling again. It turns out it was the same calling as being an infantry field medic back in 1988.

In 2016, it was too late to go back and become a doctor, so Todd decided to follow his new dream of exploring the idea of using virtual reality to help people in difficult times. And in that difficult time, his idea was to create a virtual reality experience where a patient could virtually visit their local church to pray. Their body may be in a hospital, but their mind (and heart) would be at their local church. He called this experiment a Virtual Reality Prayer Experience. Or a VR prayer for short.

Over Christmas 2018, Todd decided to start this book project to ensure the ideas in his head would move forward into our real world. The simple idea of helping a young child in hospice to visit the beach one more time had to happen.