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3 Ways to Use Virtual Reality to Go Back in Time

Virtual Reality for Main Street begins the conversation with you on how to use space and now time to unleash your ability to connect.  In my book, you will learn to take virtual trips to your own past.  A past to relive joyful memories, help with trauma, support memory care, visit places in your community, and new ways to bring your customers back to your special days.

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For starters, here are three places you can visit in the past.

1. 360 Personal Experiences

Times of Joy

Record a 360 video today to be viewed in your future.  Watching an old video or viewing an old photo can be an emotional experience. What if you could go back to visit your own past to relive your favorite memories?


Imagine going back to relive your wedding from your own point-of-view (POV).  For example, you can virtually go back five years to relive parts of your wedding day.

Senior (Memory Care)

Help bring a senior in your community back to the park bench of the first kiss of their former spouse.  This isn’t a picture or video on your phone.  You are helping them to go and feel like they are sitting at the park bench.

Support a Therapist

A therapist can support their patient by bringing their patient back to the backyard of their childhood house.  From there, the therapist can look at new ways to support their patents.

2. 360 Community Experiences

Main Street

I love looking at old pictures of downtowns. Imagine, ten years from now, local residents can virtually travel back in time to feel like they are walking down Main Street.  I know this sounds trippy.  But virtual reality will help to redefine the way we look at time itself.


Local Chamber of Commerce can record local events for local residents to view from the future.  In the future, local residents call feel like they are reliving past experiences.

3. Public Relations


Record your business anniversary’s today for future customers to watch.  Old pictures and videos are a great choice. But a virtual reality trip back to past is radically different as customers will feel like they are reliving an old memory.

Grand Openings

Your first grand opening is a special day.  Record your grand opening in virtual reality to be relived in the future.  This would be a fun time to make bold predictions, share funny stories, virtual tours, and interviews.

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