Hospital VR Trips


Virtual Hospital Trips in the Age of the Coronavirus

What a crazy time!  What if we could build something truly amazing out of this tragedy.  Imagine for a minute, if we could start to embrace virtual reality to unleash a healthcare professional's ability to connect their patients with their loved ones.   This is the mission of Virtual Reality for Main Street.  If virtual reality (VR) is coming to our world, let's create ways for us to use it for the good of all of us.  I can't imagine a better way to bring this reality into our world by supporting patients in hospitals during the age of the coronavirus.

The Front Line of Virtual Reality

I believe that healthcare professionals will be in the front lines of helping their patients use our multiple realities to connect in difficult times.  It's in these times that families will learn to connect in ways that were unavailable to them in the past.

360 Personal Experiences

As a healthcare professional, imagine helping your patients connecting with their loved ones before their treatment.   Here are only a few examples for you to consider.

Dinner Experience

Help bring your hospital patients feel like they are having dinner with their loved ones from around the world.  This is not a video on their phone.  Your patients will feel like they are sitting at the dinner table.   Imagine the potential positive impact this could have for your patients in the short term and the long term.  It's at this moment your patient will feel loved, encouraged, and comforted.

Prayer Experience

Create a 360 Prayer Experience (VR Prayer) for your patients to pray from their own place of worship.  Here, your patient can pray silently, hear a message from their spiritual leader, experience a prayer from a group of prayer warriors, or take a nature hike with a spiritual message.

Encouragement Experience

Your patient can hear a personalized message that will encourage or motivate your patient.

360 Community Experiences

Additionally, your hospital's patients can take a virtual trip to special places in your community.  These are not personalized videos and can be used by anyone in your facility.

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