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3 Steps of a 360 Open Chair Experience 

We are learning a lot about ourselves in the age of the coronavirus.  A big lesson that we are learning is that feeling connected is an important human condition.  It makes us who we are. We look to feel connected with our family, friends, customers, and your community.  We seek this connection in times of joy and difficulty. Up to this point in humanity, it’s been impossible to feel this connection without being physically together.  Well, that is until now.  This isn't sci-fi any longer.  This our new reality.   It's called a 360 Personal Experience. 

In my book, you will learn how to create even simple experiences where you will feel like you are with the important people in your life.  To start this conversation, let’s explore how to start simple with what’s possible with a 360 camera. 

What is 360 Personal Experience?

A 360 Personal Experience is where you place a headset and feel like you are somewhere else that is personal to you.  An easy way to start this conversation with your family is to simply use a 360 camera to bring your family, friends, and customers to where you are (in the present).  Let’s explore how to create a 360 Open Chair Experience. 

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What Is a 360 Open Chair Experience?

It’s all about the Point-of-View (POV).  Imagine that you're in a hospital room and would like to spend time with your parents at their dinner table before surgery.  This seems impossible right. Well, not any longer. In my book, you will learn the six step process for creating this video for yourself.   Let’s explore this topic by looking at three of these steps to get you pointed in the right direction. 


Step One: 360 Primary Recipient

In my book, you will learn the first question to ask is who are you creating this experience for. This is the important first step as you will need to understand their POV.  This video is quite a bit different than your traditional video on your phone. The person that will watch your video will feel like they are with you in person. It is quite a bit different than feeling like an ‘outsider’ by watching the video on their phone.   The key is that the 360 Primary Recipient(s) will feel like the video was created for them personally. 

One Person

You can create a 360 Open Chair Experience for one person only.  This can be a live or recorded video.  

Many People

You can create this immersive experience for a group of people.  

Types of 360 Primary Recipients

Family and friends

Family and friends can share in your life as they feel like they are eating dinner with you. 

Customers / Prospects

You can virtually bring your customers and prospects to your conference room to hear about your new vision of the company.  


As the CEO, you can virtually bring your employees to your conference table to hear about your new strategy.  Your employees will feel like they are with you in your room as you introduce your ideas. This is much different than watching a traditional video or reading a new piece of collateral.  

Public Relations

People in your community can feel like they are at the welcome area in your new hospital wing. 

360 Theme

The 360 Theme is the purpose of your video.   Is it to encourage the 360 Primary Recipient? Is it to launch a new product?  Is the theme to help a hospice patient feel like they are eating dinner with their uncle one more time.  

360 Experience

Creating the 360 Open Chair Experience is easy to complete.  

  1. Purchase a 360 camera. 
  2. Place the 360 camera on a tripod.  Raise the tripod to eye-level. 
  3. Start your 360. 
  4. Upload the video to YouTube or Facebook.  

This will undoubtedly take a few tries to master.  You got this!

Purchase my book for a deeper dive into how to master your 360 Open Chair Experiences.  

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