Simulation vs 360 Video


VR Simulation vs 360 Video

Defining virtual reality can be a bit complicated.  For this blog, let's keep things simple.  In my book, I help with a high-level concept of two ways to view virtual reality.

VR Simulations

VR simulations are simply put an immersive experience where you feel like you are somewhere else entirely.  In this experience, you will be in control of the simulation.

Eye Movement: You can interact with the game with your eye movement.

Haptics: You can interact with the simulation in a way that you feel like you are picking up an object or hitting someone.

360 Videos

The option is to view 360 videos with your VR headset. Simply don your headset to feel like you are skydiving, taking an online course, or watching one of my speeches.  In a nutshell, you can simply play, pause, fast forward, and rewind like a normal video on your phone.

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