Surfing One More Time


Go Surfing One  More Time

Imagine for a moment.  That you could virtually send a loved one or patient in hospice on a trip to go surfing on more time.  I cover this topic alone extensively in my book.

There are two ways to create this experience.

360 Personal Hospice Experience

You can create your own personal experiences for just one person.   In this experience, the hospice patient will know exactly that this immersive video was made just for them.  For example, you can take little Johnny to Oceanside, CA to go surfing with a famous surfer.

I'm excited to say that we are creating these videos now for hospice patients in Minnesota to take 360 personal experiences with famous surfers with the Oceanside Surf Club.  Sign up for the email below to stay tuned with our progress.

360 Community Hospice Experience

A 360 Hospice Experience is 360 video that is created for everyone to view in their community.  For example, a group of high school students can create a 360 surfing video specifically made for local hospice patients.

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