Take a Virtual Trip (in the age of coronavirus)


3 Steps in Helping Loved Ones Overcome  Their Cabin Fever

I  spent my life in the beautiful state of Minnesota.  Trust me.  I know cabin fever.   After reading my book, you will learn how to bring your loved ones on a virtual trip.  Here are three easy steps to make that a reality.  I expand on this topic to cover the six steps in creating a 360 personal and community experience.  Let's get started with three of those steps.  Purchase my book on April 8 to learn all six steps.

Step One: Where do they want to go?

Do they want to go somewhere personal, somewhere in the community, or anywhere in the world?


In my book, you will learn how to virtually bring your loved ones somewhere to help them deal with isolation.   I call this a 360 Personal Experience.

  • Place of worship to pray
  • Feel like they are having dinner with family members
  • Take that nature hike on their favorite trail

Click here to learn more about 360 Personal Experiences


  • Take a virtual trip to somewhere in your local community. I call this a 360 Community Experience.
  • Walk on the local beach
  • Relax on the dock of your a local restaurant

Click here to learn how to create your own 360 Community Experiences.

Step Two

The next step is to record your immersive experience with a 360 camera.  You can make this as simple or complicated as you like.  Simply purchase a 360 camera and

Step Three

The third part is to ensure that your loved one can properly view the experience.  I call this the 360 delivery.

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