Types of 360 Prayer Experiences


3 Personal Types of 360 Prayer Experiences (VR Prayers)

Welcome to a new era of hyper-connection.  As you will learn in my book, we are moving into an era of five realities.  I chose one of these topics to explore to help learn to adapt and thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  As you can feel, it's hard to feel disconnected from the places and people that we care about.  We aren't meant to live our lives alone. We are meant to share our lives.  This is why virtual reality will play a pivotal role in moving humanity forward.  In this attempt to feel connected, we don't need to be physically together to feel like we are sharing our lives.

One of the biggest ways that this will happen in our lives is in how we pray together.  You can either pray during a 360 personal experiences (VR prayer).

Silent Prayer

A silent 360 Prayer Experience is an immersive bridge that brings a person to their own place of worship to pray.

Front Row

Virtually bring another to the front row of a place of worship.  As the 360 Recipient places on the headset, they will feel immersed in an experience where they can pray from the front row of their place of worship.

Favorite Spot

A 360 Recipient can virtually feel like they are praying from their spot in their place of worship.  For example, a hospital patient can pray from their spot in your church before their cancer treatment.

Spiritual Place

You can create an immersive bridge where you can bring another to a place in the community that is important to them.  For example, a senior can take a hike up their favorite trail.  At the trailhead, they can feel like they are at their favorite spot on the trail to pray.

Prayer Warriors

Prayer Circle

Create a circle around your virtual reality camera (called a 360 camera).  From here, you only need to hit 'start' to record a personalized message for one of your members. As your member dons the headset, they will feel like they are receiving prayer from the place of worship's prayer warriors.

Prayer Tour

As a prayer group, you can create and deliver a personalized prayer that will bring your 360 Recipient(s) to their favorite places in your community.  For example, your prayer warriors can record a video from their favorite place at the beach.

Encouraging Word

From Your Place of Worship

Create a personal message for a local hospital patient before surgery.

Message Tour

Send a personalized immersive bridge that will bring your 360 Recipient on a tour with you to their favorite places.  For example, your spiritual leader can create a personal immersive message from their favorite place by the beach.

Who Can Benefit from a 360 Prayer Experience (VR Prayer)?

Hospital Patient

Imagine your loved one having the opportunity to pray from their own place of worship before surgery.


Imagine offering a local hospice patient from your church the opportunity to silently pray from your place of worship one more time.

Senior Living

Help a local senior feel less isolated by personalizing a prayer for them during any given Sunday, Christmas, or their birthday.


A homeless person can visit your ministry or a local homeless shelter to hear your message.


With the support of law enforcement, you can create a multitude of 360 Prayer Experiences for inmates in your community.


My book teaches you how to create your own 360 Prayer Experiences.

Up Next

I am currently working on my next book that will be focused on VR Prayers.  My intention is that the book and online course will be completed in May of 2020.

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