Virtual Trips for Senior Care


Virtual Trips for Senior Care (Introduction of Topic)

The age of the coronavirus has taught us one thing.   The human condition requires us to feel connected to our loved ones and with our community. Without this connection, we feel alone, isolated, and even depressed.  I would suggest that this is even more of the case in our senior care and assisted living facilities.   Virtual reality is coming into our world.   Let's bring it into our world to support others in times that we feel disconnected.   

As you will learn, there are two types of virtual reality experiences.

  1. Full Virtual Reality: You will feel like you are swept away into a world where you are in control of how you engage with the experience. Full virtual reality simulations are the real version of virtual reality.
  2. 360 Videos: You can watch 360 videos that bring you to a real place in the world.  In this video, you can only play, pause, fast forward, and rewind.   360 video is a great low cost and easily adaptable way to start bringing seniors on a virtual trip to support them during the era of the coronavirus.


Immersive Bridge to Visit Loved Ones (360 Personal Experiences)

In my book, I help you create what I call 360 Personal Experiences. These immersive videos will allow your residents the opportunity to visit loved ones or their local place of worship. This is timelier than ever in the age of the coronavirus.

Dinner Experiences

Imagine your resident can virtually visit their loved ones for a Sunday dinner, Thanksgiving dinner, or a Fourth of July barbeque. 


Holidays can be a very lonely and isolating time. In my book, you will learn how easy and affordable it is to virtually bring your residents to their open Christmas presents up with their grandchildren. Yes. You can do this on Facebook. But the experience is much more vivid and emotional in an immersive video.

Immersive Bridge to Their Favorite Places (360 Community Experiences)

Next, in my book, you can look to bring your residents to a place in your community. I call these experiences a 360 Community Experience.


Imagine helping your residents take a virtual trip by placing on a virtual reality headset to feel connected by letting them feel like they are praying from their place of worship. It may not be the same as being there in person. But this may help seniors who physically cannot be at their place of worship. It is my position that virtual reality should never replace the real reality of human interaction. But we should look at this reality tool to connect people with their place of worship when they cannot physically be there.


In writing my book, I learned to appreciate the calmness of meditation. I would love to support your facility in creating immersive experiences where your residents can feel like they are at a local park, local garden, or beach to meditate. Full virtual reality simulations are coming up next for sure. But I started with 360 videos to get you in the conversation on how you can help your residents to visit local places in your community.

Be Encouraged

Imagine if your residents could visit places in your community to feel encouraged or motivated. Where would you bring them into your community?

Take an adventure

I’m learning for myself how isolation can make you feel alone. In my book, you will learn how to support your residents by helping them to feel connected to the community. This could include taking a nature hike, sky diving, watching the local Fourth of July fireworks, or taking a museum tour.

I would love to start this conversation with your senior or assisted living facility. Please contact me today at

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