What is a 360 Dream Board Experience?



What a crazy time!  We certainly didn't see the coronavirus coming.  But there is one thing that we do see.  A world where we need to improve our cognitive abilities in the new era of AI, robotics, and quantum computers.

The Law of Duality

I'm sure that you know this law.  It's whereas one side rises, the other side will rise up to meet it.  Okay.   I have to admit that this sounds like Star Wars.   Nonetheless, this is a law of nature that will help guide humanity to rise up to meet the challenge of a world of AI.  I accept this challenge.

Where to Begin

For starters, we may have to move past the previous personal development models of only verbal affirmations or vision boards that you really don't believe anyway.  We need a new path.  A path that embraces our new tools and charts our path towards a new direction of human performance.

This new evolution will be built on the values of the past.  But the tools that will utilize will be much different entirely.  No longer will we put on our goals on a piece of paper that we know we can't accomplish.

The Future of Personal Performance

The future will allow us to embrace our new tools to treat our minds like they were intended for.  Our minds were intended to created imagination.  We are created in the image of God.  We will thrive in the era of AI and quantum computers.

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