What is a VR Department?


What is a VR Department?

Wow.  What a crazy year so far.  Have you noticed how isolated you feel when you are at home? This is the same feeling that a senior feels in their room in their senior living facility.  It’s real isn’t it!  This feeling that we would like to feel connected to our family, friends, and our community.  In my own life, I feel like there is something missing when I can’t physically be together.

This was the problem that I tried to solve when I set up out on this project in 2016.  I set out to write a cool book on virtual reality.  But it turns out that I wrote a book to us navigate this feeling of disconnection.  It had certainly no idea that my book would be that timely.  So, the real question is where would you like to go?  Additionally, where can we virtually bring our hospital patients, hospice patients, and seniors in senior living?  A VR Department will address that question.

VR Department

A Virtual Reality (VR) Department is simply a department that helps a patient, resident, or employee to virtually leave where they are at and feel like they are somewhere else.  This department can be staffed by employees or volunteers.  Here is my definition:

A virtual reality department is tasked with helping a hospital, hospice, senior/assisted living center or other local organization that serves a community’s residents. Support is provided through finding and creating pertinent, timely, and safe content to showcase at their facility. This content will include 1. 360 personal experiences, 2. 360 community experiences, and 3. Safe virtual reality simulations. Next, this department will be tasked with safely delivering these experiences. This can be accomplished with the use of virtual reality stations.

360 Personal Experiences

Your VR Department can look to create your own immersive experiences that will connect your patients, resident, employees, and customers to a place that is personal to them.  This can look to support, encourage, and comfort others in ways unimaginable before.  This personalized experience is called a 360 personal experience.  As your patient dons their virtual reality headset, they will feel like they are having dinner with their grandkids, praying from their own place of worship, or meditating from their favorite hiking trail.

This is how I have defined this experience:

A 360 personal experience is a live or recorded immersive personal experience that brings a person virtually someplace in the present, to their own past, or to their future.

360 Community Experiences

Another task of your new VR Department is to create 360 Community Experiences.  These immersive bridges will be created for everyone at your facility to use.  In other words, these videos are personal to one person in particular. Here is how I have defined this immersive experience.

A 360 community experience is an immersive 360 video created for a large group of primary recipients. These primary recipients can be a whole community or a large target marketing audience.

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Create Your Own VR Department

Email me to learn how you can start your VR Department.  My personal email is info@vrformainstreet.com.

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