Are you looking to deeply connect with your family and friends?  Then you have visited the perfect place.  Later in 2019, I am proud to publish Virtual Reality for Main Street.  In this book, you will learn to embrace new technology to unleash your ability to connect with your loved ones and community.  You will explore a new tool called virtual reality to connect with your loved ones in a way that would have seemed unbelievable before reading this book.

Community Experiences

Learn how to create experiences for the people who are at local hospitals, hospices, and assisted living centers.

Virtual Reality Department

Learn how to create a virtual reality department for your hospital, local nonprofit, or ministry.

Welcome to a New Era

Welcome to the most disruptive time in human history.  Artificial Intelligence (AI), quantum computing, robotics, and other elements of our new era will look to disrupt every industry and every corner of our planet. This book is designed to get you in the "real conversation of our generation."

One of these disruptive tools is our ability to leave where we are and feel like we are somewhere else.  This immersive experience is called virtual reality.  This book and website are here to help you to demystify virtual reality and help you use it for the good of your family and community.


Published in 2019.

Virtual Reality for Main Street will be published in 2019.  Check back soon.  Join our email list to receive updates.