Virtual Reality for Main Street

Virtual Reality for Main Street is a beginner's guide to unleashing your connections with virtual reality.  This book is completed and will be launched near the completion of the world's first virtual reality community project.  This book has four parts that will help you demystify virtual reality and show you how quickly you can create your own immersive experiences.


The Next Industrial Revolution

Learn how the next industrial revolution will allow us to move past many of humanity's limitations.  This will help to drive hyper-innovation and hyper-connection.


VR In Our Daily Life

You will learn how to embrace virtual reality and connect in ways unimaginable before reading this book.  You no longer need to be in the same physical place to feel connected to others.


Create VR Departments

Your hospital, hospice, or assisted living facility will learn how to create and operate your own virtual reality department.


Tell Better Stories In Your Marketing Mix

Learn how you can tell better stories by using virtual reality in your next public relations and advertising campaigns.

Next Steps...

Learn how to unleash your patient's and resident's ability to connect with their family members, friends, and their community.  Get started with a FREE 15-minute consultation.

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