The Mission of Virtual Reality for Main Street

Help to bring virtual reality into our world for the good of all of us.  As we move into the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is important that we embrace our new tools to move humanity forward.   The mission of Virtual Reality for Main Street is start this conversation and to teach the world how to use one of our new tools to help us unleash our ability to connect with each other, our community, and nature.

Please contribute to the project to help bring virtual reality hospice experiences into our real world.


Family Connection

Teach loved ones how to unleash their ability to connect by using a tool of our new industrial revolution.


Create VR Programs

Support healthcare and senior/assisted living executives to create virtual reality programs at their facilities.


PR and Advertising

Empower businesses to incorporate virtual reality into their public relations and advertising messages.


Downtown Preservation

Preserve the memories of downtown's throughout the world.

Next Steps...

Learn how to unleash your patient's and resident's ability to connect with their family members, friends, and their community.  Get started with a FREE 15-minute consultation.

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